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Company profile

Company name ELMO Company, Limited
Founded April 10, 1921
Company formation May 8, 1964
Reorganization September 16, 1949
Business contents Manufacture and sale of optical equipment, electrical equipment, precision equipment
Amount of sales JPY 6 billion (consolidated in FY2019)
Capital JPY 796 milliom (as of the end of February 2019)
Employees 375 people (consolidated at the end of February 2017)
1-3-4, Shioya-cho, Minami-ku, Nagoya 457-0078, JAPAN
Tel: +81-52-811-5133 (JAPAN)
Internal company
Elmo Solutions Company (ESOL)
Fine fit design company (FFDC)
Consolidated subsidiaries
France (Paris): ELMO Europe S.A.S.
Germany (Dusseldorf): ELMO Europe S.A.S. German Branch
UAE: ELMO Europe S.A.S. Middle East Branch
China (Beijing): ELMO Beijing Co., Ltd.
Total number of issued shares 110,102 thousand shares
(as of the end of March 2017)
Shareholder Techno Horizon Holdings Co., Ltd.
Chairman: Hironobu Nomura
President: Shinji Asano
Managing Director: Yasushi Mizukami
Director: Kenji Kawano
Director: Kazuo Ishiki
Director: Kengou Nakane
Director: Eiji Kohashi
Auditor: Tetsuya Watanabe

About ELMO - Company


Origin of Company name

ELMO's company name is a combination of four English initials and is a registered trademark in Japan and other countries.
This trademark has become the image symbol of our departing as a professional manufacturer of optical products.

ELMO ブランドロゴ

ELMO was founded in 1921 by Hidenobu Sakaki in Japan and stands for innovative presentation technology.
Quality, Innovation and Service have been the three cornerstones of our company for more than 90 years. By developing unique technologies, we are making many positive contribution to the work of our education, public service and private enterprise customers.

Initally the company started of manufacturing in the field in the field of film projectors and Super8 cameras, the first document cameras were added in 1988 as a new product group.
Continuous development has led to our current led to our current product range such as Visualisers etc. These facilitate the simple and effective communication of information and are used in more and more schools in Germany.
ELMO is now the leading manufacturer of document cameras in Europe. We are proud to have been contributing to more communicative, interactive lessons and presentations in schools, universities and businesses for many years. We pay special attention to the quality of our products and their intuitive operation.

A new area at ELMO marks the development of our wide angle cameras with panorama option, as well as our surveillance cameras for the private and public sector.
ELMO is aware of its social responsibility. As a company, we always keep an eye on people and the environment, therefore, we commit ourselves to compliance with environmental and professional ethical rules, which are strictly adhered to for all our products and locations.