What is ICT in Education

"ICT"is the Information and Communication Technologies. "ICT in Education" means "Teaching and Learning with ICT".

 Educational ICT tools can be divided into 3 categories: Input source, Output source and Others.
 See the following graph:

Worldwide research has shown that ICT can lead to improved student learning and better teaching methods. A report made by the National Institute of Multimedia Education in Japan, proved that an  increase in student exposure to educational ICT through curriculum integration has a significant and positive impact on student achievement, especially in terms of "Knowledge・Comprehension" · "Practical skill"  and "Presentation skill" in subject areas such as mathematics, science, and social study.

However, you can see that there are many education technology solutions provided in the world which may cause confusion among educators about how to choose the right ICT solution. Let's have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of ICT tools for education and discover what kind of education ICT solution is suitable for your school needs.

3 Main advantages of ICT tools for education
1‧ Through ICT, images can easily be used in teaching and improving the retentive memory of students.
2‧ Through ICT, teachers can easily explain complex instructions and ensure students' comprehension.
3‧ Through ICT, teachers are able to create interactive classes and make the lessons more enjoyable, which could improve student attendance and concentration.
3 Main disadvantages of ICT tools for education
1‧ Setting up the devices can be very troublesome.
2‧ Too expensive to afford
3‧ Hard for teachers to use with a lack of experience using ICT tools
After considering the above points, it is easy to see that the visualiser/so-called:document camera can be the most effective and efficient ICT tool for education.
The reasons are:
1‧ The Visualiser's/Document Camera's 3 basic characters: Cost-effective, easy-to-use, time-saving tool - a solution to the 3 main problems of using educational ICT tools.
2‧ The visualiser/document camera decreases a teachers' preparation time, increases interactivity with students, and increases student concentration and comprehension of complex instructions.
To understand more why exactly the visualiser/Document Camera can be  the most effective ICT tool for education
Now, let's check out the survey which was collected from feedback of the Elmo UK national-wide seeding project and see what happened in the schools in UK.
1. Has the visualiser/document camera increased or decreased interactivity with children?
  All the teachers felt that the visualiser/document camera aided in increasing interactivity with children
2. Has the visualiser/document camera improved children's concentration?
  Over 90% of teachers felt that concentration in the classroom increased due to use of the visualiser/document camera.
3. Has the visualiser/document camera contributed to narrowing the gap between children in academic achievements?
  Over 78% of teachers felt that the visualiser/document camera aided in bringing children closer together in academic achievements.
4. Have you had more fun with the visualiser/document camera in the classroom?
  Over 90% of children had more fun in the classroom due to the visualiser/document camera.
5. Has the visualiser/document camera reduced or increased your preparation time?
  Over 55%of teachers have recognized that the visualiser/document camera decreased lesson preparation time. None of teachers felt that preparation time increased for lessons.

Integrating ICT into education seems to be a necessary issue for educators / education administrators in the world. However, if teachers cannot make good use of the ICT tools, the money and time spent on the ICT is going to be a waste. Also, if the educational budget is limited, looking for a cost-effective and high-performance ICT tool can be the first priority.

So how about getting started on using ICT in education with the visualiser/document camera? You don’t need to waste time learning how to use a Visualiser because it is so easy to operate. And, you could even use it without a PC, which is very budget friendly. Please remember this point : Simple is best! Educational ICT tools are not for making educators master ICT skills themselves, but for making educators create a more effective learning environment via ICT.

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